Never Miss A Beat with McDizzle & Faraz – Episode 4 “Feels This Good”

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It’s no April Fools joke, we’re back again with another great show packed with new tunes, plus one classic tune! Episode 4 “Feels This Good” is a love letter to Sigala from Faraz, his number one fan. No, it’s not creepy at all πŸ™„ Don’t miss an extended ‘On The Beat’ as Faraz regales us with stories of his trip to Florida for Miami Music Week 2023! He partied his face off, went viral on Instagram, and made some amazing connections in the 2 days he was there!

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A laser show with green lasers over a sizable crowd.

Episode 2 “Alone at Midnight”

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Yeah baby, we made it to Episode 2! We’re back to “Beat” you up with a whole new set of music to play and review on Faraz’s Fresh New Beats! McDizzle takes a walk down memory lane for classic dance music from DJ Pronti, and DJ Kalmani. McDizzle and Faraz chat about Dry January and more in our “On The Beat” segment.

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